The School Finance Indicators Database (SFID) is a collection of sophisticated school finance measures for assessing the adequacy and fairness of each state’s revenue, spending, and resource allocation, and for comparing these outcomes between states and over time. The database is designed for use not only by researchers, but also by parents, policymakers, journalists, and the general public.

The primary product of the system is the State Indicators Database (SID), a collection of roughly 125 state-by-state school finance measures, many of which are available for all years between 1993 and 2018. The SID is updated annually and is freely available to the public, along with user-friendly documentation.

Key findings from the SID are presented in our annual report and the one-page state profiles that accompany each edition of the report. We also publish customizable visualizations with the latest data, and occasional research briefs using SFID data.

It is our hope and intention that our data, and analyses based on these data, will help to inform and improve debates about school finance policy in the U.S.


The School Finance Indicators Database is compiled and published by researchers at the Albert Shanker Institute and the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education.

Latest News


January 2021: Read the annual report, view individual state profiles, and download the full dataset.

Latest Annual Report

The Adequacy and Fairness of State School Finance Systems

The third edition of our annual report presenting findings from the School Finance Indicators Database. Released January 2021. Download the report.

Latest Research Briefs

State School Finance Profiles 2017-18

One-page profiles of effort, adequacy, and progressivity in the school finance systems of all 50 states and D.C. Download your state’s profile.