Data visualization tools

The links below direct to different data visualizations, all of which present data from our State Indicators Database. You can also download the full state dataset in Excel or Stata format.

One page state finance profiles

Single page summaries of the effort, adequacy and fairness of each state’s school finance system.

Spending adequacy

Compare each state’s adequate spending and actual spending, by poverty quintile (2018 only).

Funding progressivity

Differences in revenue between high and zero poverty districts for each state (1993-2018).

Fiscal effort

State and national trends in GSP- and income-based fiscal effort (2004-2018).

Relationships between indicators

Create scatterplots comparing the relationships between your choice of two state indicators (2018 only).

Teacher wage penalties

Teacher/non-teacher wage gaps for each state and nationally, by teacher age (2000-2018).

Visualizations designed by Bilan Jama, Emilee O’Brien, and Lauren Schneider

Latest News


January 2021: Read the annual report, view individual state profiles, and download the full dataset.

Latest Annual Report

The Adequacy and Fairness of State School Finance Systems

The third edition of our annual report presenting findings from the School Finance Indicators Database. Released January 2021. Download the report.

Latest Research Briefs

State School Finance Profiles 2017-18

One-page profiles of effort, adequacy, and progressivity in the school finance systems of all 50 states and D.C. Download your state’s profile.